Effective training is a key factor for the success of production investment,through a complete course training and continuing education to meet your requirements.In addition, our
training methods make sure that you can learn the knowledge application in your own unique production environment.


Furnace operation and maintenance

Technical Training


Our engineers can truly satisfied your requirements with deep understanding of furnace,and uprade hardware and software to ensure that your equipment operation more efficient.Our engineers also can supply suggestions about maintenance according to your actually situation.

--> Process optimization
--> Equipment performance inspection
--> Quarterly, semi-annual, or annual maintenance

Products problems

Technical Support


Kneading, palletizing, injection, debinding and sintering fully functional technical service lab for MIM.
Supply free samples sintered and defection analysis for customer.
Supply better product sintering process for customer

Advanced and fully functions center in China

R&D Experiment Center


Professional engineer supply technical support, they can be timely and effective response when you need our help.
Professional engineer can find and sovle problems when they maintain the equipments.
Supply original quality parts of furnace.

After-sales Service

About MIM

Metal injection molding (MIM) is a metalworking
process by which finely-powdered metal is mixed with a measured amount of binder material to
comprise a "feedstock" capable of being handled
by plastic processing equipment through a process   known as injection mold forming.

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Our target

For the happiness of all employees
To the top of professional technology in the world

Respect individual
Innovation on the base of technology

Our value

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