Hiper service team has more than 10 years experience. we make sure every furnace run smoothly with our professioal knowledge.

After the equipment arrives at the customer site, our engineer will install, do the commissioning and training.

During the warranty period, the equipment is regularly maintained and estavlish the service files.

Respond to equipment problems in the first time, and follow up on customer's requirements in time.

After-Sales Service


Hiper makes professional maintenance plan for each equipment, and regularly check the equipment to reduce the risk of equipment failure.

Technical Support


Hiper team has rich sintering experience and knowledge, can help customers find and solve problems in time.

R&D Support


Hiper has a professional sintering lab and experimental MIM line, which can support customers in the research and development of new products and materials.

Spare Parts


Hiper has a large spare parts warehouse, which can be deliveried in the first time to ensure the customers' production.